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Increasing financial literacy and financial awareness in the society creates a revolutionary effect enabling an independent and dynamic financial structure to be established and strong on a global position of countries. In this exhibit area, there are various interactive exhibits that educate the visitors about the different aspects of finance industry like, What is money, money transaction, explanation of financial terms, understanding the cryptocurrency and technology behind it, planing and managing financial situation, understanding financial statements and its consequences, history of money, global and local economic crises etc.


VIrtual account

You will have a virtual account to use in the exhibit areas. Play games, make investments, save your money or share your money with other virtual accounts. Until the end of the exhibition you will learn how to manage your money wiser and get familiar with latest technologies.


Visitors will be informed about how trades made with bartering system before the invention of money. The visitors will compare different payment method from past to present. The visitors will learn which trade items had been used in different locations in the past.


Visitors will be informed about the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In this exhibit, there is also a game where visitors try to solve basic algorithm puzzles and with each successful solution visitor earn some amount of virtual money which can be used later in the exhibit area.

money transactions

This exhibit informs visitors about the present payment methods like cash payment, credit card payment, money transfer, EFT etc. With the infographics and statistics visitors will learn how people’s payment behaviour differentiates around the world.

payment methods

This exhibit let visitors experience different payment methods by using touchscreen and shows how the payment process work. In this exhibit cash payment, credit card payment and debit card payment are demonstrated.

online banking

This exhibit shows the importance and advantages of the online banking and let the visitors use their virtual account to make online banking transactions like remittance, EFT, bill payments etc.

country currency matching

In this exhibit, visitors will learn the currencies of different countries by playing the matching game and how currency exchange works.

Saving and Sharing



Money Transfer Methods


Product Specific Markets

National Dividend Calculator

Brief History of Money

Quick Money Quiz

Entrepreneurship Game

Money Printing

Future of the Economy

ATM Simulators

Supply-demand Equilibrium