Science Center

Argos has everything from interactive exhibitions to classical museum design, from science centers with many concepts to children’s entertainment and personal development workshop designs. Unique designs supported by special software are highly appreciated by their users.

Amusement Park

Special Concepts 

Design and make

As Argos, we first decide what you want and need, and then we bring them to life


Museums with new (interactive) and/or old (cultural) concepts

Science Center

Energy, Space & Aviation, Automotive and Finance  Themes

Amusement Park

Illusion Museum and Trampoline Park


Special Concept

What do you want ?

Who we are?

Since its establishment in 2015, our company Argos has realized unique projects by using know-how and production experience in the sector as raw material for itself. In a short time, it has taken its place among the sector’s most sought after in many fields from the design of science center with different concepts to children’s amusement parks, from special museums to products with special own software.

Since 2015

Our Vision

To be the touchstone of the industry on a global scale with its unique products

Our Mission

To lead the sector with the concern of quality and high benefit in the sub-disciplines of engineering

We Make It Happen

Design Product Install


√  Presentation of Pre-Concept File

√  Determination of The Exact Concept

√  Approval

√  Production Line

√  Installation

Plan. Design. Create.

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